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2015 NRV Fair Livestock Show Schedule

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A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors: Janet Shelburne, Bill & Dottie McKinnon, Optimal Beef, Appalachian Vet Services, Vickie’s Income Tax, Kegley Farms of Pulaski, RG Cattle Company, Harvey’s Chevrolet, Pulaski Livestock Market, Dublin Feeder Cattle Association, Charles Shorter, Select Sire, Meade Tractor, Southern States, Rockingham Group

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Monday, July 20
12-5 pm           Dairy Goat Arrival
6:00 pm           Youth Goat Show

Tuesday, July 21
9:00 am          American Dairy Goat Show
12 – 4 pm        Dairy Cattle Arrival
5:00 pm          Dairy Cattle Showmanship
7:00 pm          Caprine Contest
9:00 pm          Tie out

**Goats may check out Tuesday July 21 @ 9pm.  Please have all stalls cleaned out to the center aisle when you leave. **

Wednesday July 22

9:00 am           Dairymen’s Registration
10:00 am          Dairymen’s Contest
3:00 pm           Dairy Cattle Show
7:00 pm           Pet Show
9:00 pm           Release of Dairy Cattle

Thursday July 23
12-4 pm           Beef Cattle, Market Lambs and Market Goat Arrival
5:00 pm           Market Lamb & Goat Weigh-In
7:30 pm           Lamb & Wool on Parade, and Costume classes
9:00 pm           Tie out

Friday July 24
9:00 am         Stockman’s Registration
10:00 am         Stockman’s Contest
10:30 am         Beef and Open Sheep Registration
2:00 pm         Youth Beef Cattle Show
7:00 pm         Market Lamb and Goat  Showmanship
9:00 pm           Tie out

Saturday July 25
9:30 am           Open Sheep Show
1:00 pm           Market Goat Show
2:00 pm           Beef Cattle Showmanship
6:00 pm           Market Lamb Show
9:00 pm           Present checks for lambs, goats, & cattle. Give Bonnie Boothe Memorial Award

* If you would like a copy of your specific show schedule, entry form, or have any questions, please feel free to call or email at 540-230-9911 or